About YSS

With the grace of Allah, the inaugural meeting of the Yemeni Society of Surgeons was held on January 30, 2019. It was a significant milestone in the history of general surgery after a long wait. Approximately 140 members attended the meeting, including those holding doctorate degrees, master’s degrees, and board certification in general surgery. Several practicing surgeons who were not eligible for election according to the bylaws also attended, along with representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.


To develop theoretical and practical knowledge, encourage research, provide consultations, and offer scientific studies in the field of general and laparoscopic surgery.


To facilitate the exchange of scientific production, ideas, and scientific consultations in the field of general and laparoscopic surgery.


    • To enhance scientific thinking in the field of general and laparoscopic surgery and work on its development and activation.
    • To achieve scientific communication among the society members.
    • To provide scientific advice in the field of specialization.
    • To enhance the professional performance of the society members.


  • Organizing scientific conferences related to its areas of interest.
  • Conducting training courses in relevant fields.
  • Conducting and publishing scientific studies to enhance practical application.
  • Participating in local and international exhibitions and conferences.
  • Inviting scholars and thinkers in relevant fields to participate in the society’s activities, following the organized procedures.
  • Disseminating new developments in the field of surgery through the society’s social media platforms.