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تأسيس الجمعية

The praise of God the founding meeting was held for Yemeni Society of Surgeons On February 1, 2019 CE

was a huge step in the history of general surgery and after a long wait. Approximately attended the

meeting Close to 140 members who hold a PhD and a Master’s degree

and the board part 1 of General Surgery, and a number of surgeons who have not

performed They participate in elections according to the list, in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

The elections of the administrative body and the Oversight and Inspection Committee were conducted in a transparent manner, after all

The field was opened for candidacy, 92 nominated candidates . They compete for 2 seats for the administrative body

And 3 seats for the regulatory committee. The counting and polling committee was formed with 8 persons present .

In a transparent, democratic, and sophisticated way, far from any dictates, partisan or regional areas, sorting

ومنح الثقه للتاليه أسماؤهم : 

Dr. Yasser Abd Rabbo - President of the Association

Dr. Tawfiq Al-Mikhlafi - Secretary General

Dr. Muhammad Al-Shahari - Vice-President of the Association

Dr. Ali Al-omari - Scientific Officer

Dr. Muhammad Al-Surami - Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Wahib Al-Qubati - Training Officer

Dr. Muhammad Al Shujaa - Relations Officer

Dr. Imad Bajubair - Service Officer

Dr. Amal Ghanem - Assistant Scientific Officer

The Supervisory Committee

Dr. Walid Jahaf as President

 Dr. Fahmy Ismail is a member

Dr. Abeer is a popular member

Dr. Muhammad Al-Surami and Dr. Imad Bajubair ceded the membership of the administrative body and were added

 Dr. Walid Ghaylan and Dr. Loay Al-Qubati in its place according to the reserve list according to the number of votes.¬

وبهذا تصبح الهيئة الإدارية على النحو التالي :


Dr./ ياسر عبدربه

رئيس الجمعية

Dr./ محمد الشهاري

نائب الرئيس

Dr./ توفيق المخلافي

الأمين العام

Dr./ علي العمري

المسئول العلمي

Dr./ وهيب القباطي

مسئول التدريب

Dr./ محمد الشجاع

المسئول المالي

Dr./ أمل غانم

المسئول العلمي المساعد

Dr./ وليد غيلان

مسئول العلاقات العامة

Dr./ لؤي القباطي

مسئول الخدمات



Dr. Yasser
د/ياسر عبدربه


Dr. Mohamed Alshihari
د/محمد الشهاري


د/محمد علي حزام الشجاع
د/محمد علي حزام الشجاع


د/ وليد غيلان


د/وهيب القباطي


د/لؤي محمد صالح القباطي