Facilitate the exchange of scientific production, ideas and scientific advice in the field of general surgery and endoscopy


Developing theoretical and practical knowledge, encouraging research and providing consultations and studies Scientific field in general and endoscopic surgery


* Development of scientific thought in the field of general surgery and endoscopy and work on Development and revitalization.
*Achieving scientific communication for the association's employees.
* Providing scientific advice in the field of specialization.
* Developing the professional performance of the association's employees.

Association activity

Holding scientific conferences that relate to their areas of interest.
Organizing training courses in related fields.
Conduct and publish scientific studies to develop aspects
Applied practice.
Participation in international and local exhibitions and conferences.
Invite the relevant scholars and thinkers to participate in the activities of the association, according to The procedures regulating this.
Communicate all that is new in the science of surgery through the association's communication websites.